About Fountainhead Staffing

We are a premier specialty staffing company with 30+ years of direct industry experience specializing in the placement of Accounting and Finance professionals. Read more about us »»

Our Mission

Connecting dynamic organizations with the high achievement professionals who shape them.

Our Primary Objective

Bringing together the ideal candidate with the ideal position in the shortest amount of time, while providing a superior quality of service in our delivery process.

Current Jobs

Tax Mgr – $100k+ – public accounting

Cost Mgr – $90k – int’l manufacturing

Acctg Mgr – $80k – software industry

Asst Cont – $75k – real estate

Tax Senior – $70k – public accounting

Senior Acct – $70k – great team

G/L Acct – $55k – non profit

Resume Tip

Waste of Space You do not need to put the line “r […]

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